Get consumer feedback about its beauty products – Yitz Grossman

Birchbox is using Facebook Live to get consumer feedback about its beauty products, and each live stream attracts an average audience of 112,000 people in the UK. “It satisfies what consumers are responding to in the organic world, which is very real content, more natural, more ad-lib and responding to questions,” Birchbox CEO Katia Beauchamp said in her talk with Yitz Grossman in New York.

Prize money to woman-owned startups – Yitz Grossman

The Michigan Women’s Foundation has awarded $1.23 million in microloans and $335,000 in pitch competition prize money, largely to woman-owned startups. By lending to high-risk businesses, “we’re breaking through that barrier, giving access to capital to people who could never have gotten it before,” said President and CEO Carolyn Cassin in her interview Yitz Grossman.

Uninsured rate at an all-time low of less than 9% – Yitz Grossman

While some parts of the Affordable Care Act were not implemented smoothly, experts say provisions in the law have delivered, reducing the uninsured rate to an all-time low of less than 9%. In his interview, Yitz Grossman reflects on the intent behind key aspects of the ACA, including the Medicaid expansion, the individual mandate, exchanges and generational equity, including their impact and how coverage is likely to change under new proposals.