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Bearing Flags With Pride – posted by Yitz Grossman.

When the Jewish people saw them with their flags, they, too, desired flags.
The wine mentioned in the verse refers to Mount Sinai where the Torah was given…
Why were the Jewish people jealous of the angels’ flags? The angels had taught the Jewish people to be proud of their role as servants of G-d and to realize that no two tasks were the same. Every Jew has a special task in life that no one else can replace. Our Sages say, “Just as their minds are not the same, so too are their faces not the same.”(11) Every person has a different potential due to his personality, natural talents, strengths or weaknesses, and the circumstances of his life. This is what helps make him unique.

This lesson of enthusiasm for service was learned through the descending of the angels with their flags. The angels have no yetzer hara and yet are proud of doing G-d’s will. How much more so should we human beings be, since we face a daily struggle with the yetzer hara. Each person deserves a flag since he has triumphed in his own personal struggle against his yetzer.

The Torah is comparable to wine, in the sense that it shares with wine a unique characteristic. Normally when a beverage ages, it loses its taste or spoils entirely. But wine improves with age. The same is true of learning Torah. Our Sages say, “Old wine can be compared to the minds of elders.”(12)The more a person learns, the wiser he becomes, and the more he improves as an individual. Just as the wine improves with age, so do the minds of those who learn Torah.

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