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Before a person learns Torah, he can hardly be called a person. He can walk and talk, however, he is only interested in satisfying his lowly desires for riches and honor. Once he begins to learn the ways of Hashem and His Torah, he sees a different path. He develops rachmonus (mercy). He becomes tsnuah (modest). He does acts of chessed (kindness) for others. He develops his mind to understand Hashem’s Torah and His world. He knows how to think clearly and properly. His knowledge of the halacha guides his actions in all areas of life. He literally becomes ‘tsuras ho’odom’ – the image of a person – as Hashem intended him to be. The ones who taught this man Torah helped create this tsuras ho’odom. Just as his father participated in his physical creation, so too his Rebbe participates in the creation of his elevated neshama (soul). Kinderlach, learn Torah well and elevate your neshama. Learn it well enough to teach. Then teach others Torah. You will be like a father to them. The more talmidim that you teach, the more children you will have. Hashem should bless you all with very, very big families!

The Thirsty Fish
“Avi, are you still looking at those fish?”

“Yes, Imma. I can watch the fish tank for hours.”

“Did you ever notice that the fish are always opening and closing their mouths, swallowing the water?”

“Yes I did Imma. Why is that?”

“Rav Simcha Wasserman zt”l learned an important lesson from the fish, Avi. Although they live in the water, they are still swallowing water all of the time. Don’t they ever have enough? No. Hashem’s holy Torah is often compared to water. Just as water flows to the lowest place, so to Torah goes to the lowest people – those who humble themselves. The Jewish people are like fish when it comes to the ‘water’ of Torah. Although they are immersed in Torah learning, nonetheless, they can never get enough of it. They continue learning on the bus, while waiting in line at the bank, early morning, late at night. They are always looking for another shiur, another opportunity to be inspired.”

“Imma, that’s great! I want to be like Rav Wasserman’s fish, and ‘drink in’ all of the Torah that I can!”

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