International Women’s Day In Israel

Acknowledging Women’s Accomplishments

March 8 marks the day every year that celebrates the power of women all over the world. Israel is only one of many countries that honor this day and acknowledge women’s hard-fought battle for peace, progress, equal rights and justice. On International Women’s Day, Yitz Grossman explains that the achievements of all womankind are celebrated and often through this atmosphere of empowerment, new ideas for progress are brought forth.

They Would Be Proud

Queen Vashti and Esther would both be proud of the modern Jewish women in today’s world. Due to the current political climate and anti-semantic sentiments of a few, International Women’s Day is not as widely celebrated in Israel as it would be. The day will come when that changes, and its women will step forward just as Vashti and Esther did all those centuries ago. In the Holy Land of Israel, these two ancient women began what modern women will finish.

Purim is also celebrated on March 8 by Jews everywhere. That is fitting since it was Esther, the queen of Persia who helped defeat Haman’s plan. Throughout history, strong women have accomplished much that goes unnoticed by the world. No more. The courage and amazing fortitude of women is honored on this day to encourage future generations. Never give up, never stop trying and much can be accomplished.

The Future Is Bright for the Women of Israel

Recent data proves the Jewish female population in the Holy Land have come a long way and will go further yet. All across the workforce, Jewish women play a bigger part every day. These jobs they hold are not all menial, low-paying ones either. In high-tech industries, women hold approximately 40% of the total positions available. In most areas, women can now expect equal pay for equal work and it’s all thanks to strong women with a passion for justice and change.

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