Jobs And Careers Available In Israel

There are numerous factors for having a career in Israel. Accountants must pass the Israeli CPA exam, but there are a lot of openings for certified accountants, filing tax returns, and financial consultants. Numerous Universities offer courses to receive a degree in accounting. The legal profession is another excellent choice. International, contractual, and corporate law are all excelling fields. The required schooling is three to four years, and the preferred choice for the study is a recognized University. As Yitz Grossman posted in his previous blog, there is a lot of competition for the best law schools, but students are often offered internships or opportunities for employment.

Careers as a physician in Israel provide a stable position serving the Jewish population. Although it ‘s hard to find a job as a general practitioner, specialists do very well. The medical programs are seven years, admission is incredibly competitive, and the number of programs available is limited. A Psychometric score is required for acceptance at any medical school. Dentists must take a licensing exam, but employment is easily found in private practices and health clinics. Psychometric scores are required for all dentistry programs, but the competition is not as fierce as it is for medical school.

Careers as a social worker for the Jewish community offer an excellent salary provided the candidate has an MSW. This requires two years’ experience in the field, although a graduate degree offers opportunities in research and academia. There are social work programs available, and most individuals begin with a BA. There are additional openings for religious therapists.

The hi-tech sector in Israel is incredibly strong, and Yitz Grossman told the media that salaries are high in the market. The field includes hi-tech marketing, programmers, developers, tech support, technical writers, and QA. This area is an excellent choice for any individual with mechanical aptitude. Engineers are also highly sought after, especially hardware, and electronic engineers. The salaries are on the upper end of the scale, and academic degrees are required. This level should come from a recognized university, rather than a technical college.

The Ministry of Education in the Jewish community does provide job opportunities for teachers. These careers are in the Israeli public-school system. AZ candidate in possession of an academic degree that has been recognized through the Misrad HaChinuch has a much better chance for placement. The pay scale varies according to the experience, and education of the candidate. The salaries are not high, but benefits are provided, and the career is secure. Many teachers tutor to supplement their income. A Ph.D. is required to apply at a university or college.

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