Get consumer feedback about its beauty products – Yitz Grossman

Birchbox is using Facebook Live to get consumer feedback about its beauty products, and each live stream attracts an average audience of 112,000 people in the UK. “It satisfies what consumers are responding to in the organic world, which is very real content, more natural, more ad-lib and responding to questions,” Birchbox CEO Katia Beauchamp said in her talk with Yitz Grossman in New York.

Prize money to woman-owned startups – Yitz Grossman

The Michigan Women’s Foundation has awarded $1.23 million in microloans and $335,000 in pitch competition prize money, largely to woman-owned startups. By lending to high-risk businesses, “we’re breaking through that barrier, giving access to capital to people who could never have gotten it before,” said President and CEO Carolyn Cassin in her interview Yitz Grossman.

Uninsured rate at an all-time low of less than 9% – Yitz Grossman

While some parts of the Affordable Care Act were not implemented smoothly, experts say provisions in the law have delivered, reducing the uninsured rate to an all-time low of less than 9%. In his interview, Yitz Grossman reflects on the intent behind key aspects of the ACA, including the Medicaid expansion, the individual mandate, exchanges and generational equity, including their impact and how coverage is likely to change under new proposals.

Ways to Invest Your Money in a Business

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Investing your money is a major decision that you have to take wisely. Investments can be very lucrative if and only if done the right way. There are a number of factors that determine the success of your investments such as your saving rate, where you invest, how you invest and cost of the investment etc. Also you may find more useful tips on Yitz Grossman blog. Not everyone is equipped with every kind of knowledge so if you want to invest and don’t have enough business acumen, then the best way is to hire someone else to do the same for you. However, hiring someone else for this job is not as simple as it might look. This article seeks to talk about the different ways to invest your money so that you can decide which one suits you the best.

Ways to Invest

Here is a list of useful ways to invest your money in order to help you make a better decision:

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Advantages of Seeking Investments in Businesses

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Businesses whether big or small require investments which play a vital role in the success of the company. Investments are a useful means of utilizing your money as it helps earn a profit on your money, unlike hoarding or speculation where idle money loses its value with every passing day. Find out more about business and investment in Yitz Grossman blog. Businesses need money because they have very creative and wonderful ideas but the lack of sufficient funds but you won’t find investors out of the blue for this you have to maintain a good reputation not just of the product but also of yourself. This is because investors invest their money as much in you as the product and they might need to check third-party backgrounds and other references.

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3 Essentials of Small Business Investments


Small business investments are very lucrative but the basic question is that where should investors focus their attention. There are millions of small businesses in a country but the researchers are only a few in numbers which helps investors determine what they should do. The investors need to keep in mind a number of factors. Investment is a productive use of your money and helps you get a fair amount of return. These factors can help you determine where you should invest your money so you definitely need to have good knowledge about them. Here is a list on Yitz Grossman of several such factors to help you have a better understanding:

1.    Gross Margin

Gross margin is the percentage difference between what a good sells for and the cost of producing the good. It is of critical importance because it determines how much is left for the producers to invest in other areas to finally bring the product to the market. This means it is worthy to invest in areas with a broad gross margin such as beauty care products and organic foods etc. In most items, the gross margin is very narrow so there is a very strict check. The gross margin can be improved by lowering the cost of production which can either be done by optimizing production or by lowering the prices of constituents.  However, it has seldom been seen that an improvement in gross margin leads to greater returns on investments.

2.    Brand Strength

While deciding to invest in a certain small business, the investors need to be sure about the image and strength of the brand. Many might believe it is irrelevant in the case of brands but that is not true. You can take the example of a number of distinguished brands around the world use the same recipes as others but they have been able to earn a wider consumer base and greater place the market as compared to their rivals who miserably failed. This is because of the strength of the brand which can be determined by customer reviews, earned media presence, and third party information. You should always in well-established brands to earn greater returns on your investments.

3.    CEO

When you want to invest in a small business, then you are investing as much in the business as the leadership. This means you need to invest in a CEO that you know well. If you are interested in a product, then it is important to have ample information about the leadership which can be obtained through references and third party backgrounds. There is no set standards for knowing whether a leader is competent or not but you can play your part by asking questions Yitz Grossman, raising issues that you deem important and attending conferences to know and assess the CEO better.


Thus, these three essentials of small business investments help you determine whether you should invest in a business or not so they cannot be ignored rather need special attention.