What are the most commonly broken laws in America

What are the most commonly broken laws in America
When it comes to law in America, there are laws that are commonly broken and laws that are not, ask Yitz Grossman. Some of the most commonly broken laws, you may break every day and not even know you are doing so, while others you may deliberately break.

Some laws are ridiculous and should be stopped, while others are there to protect the rest of us from someone doing something stupid.

These are some of the most commonly broken laws in America, however, and you may want to make sure you are not breaking any of them, Yitz Grossman told the media

Jaywalking — It is possible just about everyone in the country has broken this law at one time or another — crossing the street while the pedestrian crossing light is still at red.

In some states, this can earn you a fine of a couple of hundred dollars or more, while in other states it is basically ignored.

Underage drinking — The laws for underage drinking in America can be mandated by state, but all states currently have this set at 21. An age that is far higher than most other countries in the world, and yet the United States has a far higher alcoholism rate than many other places.

If you drink before the age of 21, however, unless you are with your parents as in some states that is legal, then you are breaking the law.

Driving while using your cell phone — Most states now ban people from using their cell phones while driving, and this is actually a good thing.

After all, it is too easy to be distracted by something on your phone and then cause an accident or even kill yourself, as many people across the U.S. have actually done.

Some states mandate you pull over to the side of the road while using your phone, while others ban you from using your phone while behind the wheel of a car at all.

Using unsecured WiFi — If you use a WiFi or other Internet connection without the permission of the person who pays for it, you are violating several federal laws.

In some cases, that even includes using the WiFi of a restaurant or cafe when you are not buying food or a drink, or piggybacking onto your neighbors’ WiFi and using theirs.

While many people often break some or all of these laws, it is probably better if you do not.

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